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ICICI Bank Payment Gateway Exception Details

Click the below link to view it.

ICICI Payment Gateway Exception

With the above details we can conclude or rather its obvious that Infosys’s Finacle uses

1. IBM WebSphere

2. Custom Servlet

The exception stack trace was exposed perhaps because of poor exception handling.


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SSN EDC (Entrepreneurship Development Cell) Presents E-Week 09, Feb 14th to 19th

Its good to see many engineering colleges in India fostering Entrepreneurship by setting up an entrepreneurship development cell, working together with NEN Online. Kudos to NEN Online !

So is SSN Engineering College !

Below is the link πŸ™‚


Kudos to NEN

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When using GPRS, turn off images in GPRS browser settings.
This considerably reduces the GPRS download and thus cost too.

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Sony Ericsson K530i Review

This post talks only about few features and how i liked it, to know more please visit the official site.
I was a Nokia 6600 user. When i moved on to Sony Ericsson K530i, i found
few features interesting.

GPRS related features

1.RSS feed reader, i have subscribed to linux.com RSS feed.
It has some builtin feeds from Sony Ericsson and BBC News.

2. Browser,Bookmarks etc
Easy to maintain bookmarks and browser.
Easy google searching. I need to just hit the activity button.
Navigate to the Internet tab. Click on Internet Search and key in the search keywords.
Key in the keywords is easy like composing a text message, using writing options
like dictionary mode and adding symbols.

3.Video Call
The feature introduced in 3G mobile communication.
The front camera captures for the video call.

Organizer & Personal Information Management (PIM) related features

I use this feature extensively. Some instances are, to remind me to swtich off the
electric stove when milk boils πŸ™‚
Once the timer rings, you can restart too

Interesting feature ! I use everyday, but configured only once.
I have set the morning alarm time for Mon-Fri for a time and no alarm for
weekends πŸ˜‰
Another interesting thing about alarms is, you can casacade alarms.
That is, you can set alarms successively, upto 5 times.

3. Tasks
It resembles reminders.
New feature, which was a big surprise to me πŸ™‚
One can create two types of tasks.
Task type of phone call, needs you to set the date&time and associate a phone number
from your contact. So the phone reminds one on the set date&time and prompts yes/no to make a call.
This way one can schedule calls perfectly !


1. Sony Ericsson WTA Tour
Multiplayer Game which is a fantastic !
Opponent can be the phone or a peer who is connecting through bluetooth,
the game has to be hosted by either of you and the other has to connect the host.

These are few features which won my heart !

Front camera is dedicated for voicecall alone and not capturing pictures or video.


1. Good battery usage and indication.
2. UI and the Spiral theme is awesome πŸ™‚

3. Slim to carry

4. Reasonable cost for a 3G mobile in my opinion

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ImageRotator Javascript

ImageRotator JavaScript changes an image source of an image tag in a HTML page, from a fixed set of images in a particular time interval. The set of images are put under a folder called Images, the folder should be in the same folder containing the HTML file.

Don’t forget to read the licensing issues & trademark policies related to the images.

Download the project from here

Tip for Newbie:

Use FireBug Plugin to hack the web ! πŸ™‚

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Make A Difference (M.A.D) is a youth volunteer network that currently functions in the three cities of Cochin, Pune and Chennai… 312 volunteers teach more than 1200 underprivileged kids English and computer skills in these three cities to enable them to have better career prospects…
These children live in street shelters and orphanages. Without proper guidance, their lives will go astray. MAD makes sure that they have the proper life skills to make it in life. Then MAD tries to get them placed at jobs where they can live their potential…

MAD was recently picked as one of fifteen finalists for the international Youth Social Entrepreneur Awards which is a prestigious award bestowed by the Ashoka group. MAD became the only Indian entry in this competition in spite of 521 nominations from 60 odd countries. The final winner will be picked by online voting.


Lets try and bring pride to our country by spreading word about the achievements of our countrymen. To stand up and be recognized in such a multi-faced international crowd is an achievement in itself.

Please Vote now at http://vote.makeadiff.in

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Securing Wireless Access Point

In order to be safe from malicious people who misuse the wireless networks, it is mandatory to secure the Wireless Access Point(WAP).

The following configurations has to be performed on the WAP

1. Change the default admin user’s password to a strong password and keep it secret.

2. Enable WPA key for connecting to the wireless network.

3. Enable MAC filter. MAC refers to a unique address of the wireless cards of desktops/laptops/other devices that can connect to the wireless network. Thus even if someone comes to know a WPA key. They will not be able to connect to the wireless network because their MAC address is not listed in the allowed MAC list configured in the wireless access point

4. Use OpenDNS IP address for DNS servers, if the WAP acts as a DHCP server for the wireless network.

5. WAP has firewall builtin. Set the firewall rules appropriately so that it allows only certain services running on the WAP/ within the wireless network to be exposed and thus only those ports are open.

6. Take a backup of the configuration you have done on the WAP. This will be helpful if you lose the settings of the WAP because of reseting or accidental modification. In such cases you can apply the backed up configuration.

If you are ignorant about configuring the WAP, please get it done by some one who can do it.
Stay safe and secure.

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Open source in Engineering Curriculum

Take GNU/Linux as your case study and use FOSS in subjects that you will encounter

for example

1.System Software
2.Data Structures
4.Operating Systems
5.Computer Networks
6. Web Technology
7.Cryptography & Network Security
8.Embedded Systems

One can do his/her assignments, projects, research using Open Source Software!

When you can come to position of contributing to open source projects,
please do πŸ™‚ I guess it takes final year for that, but it depends on the individual.

Like a biology student disects rabit to learn biological science, Computer Science student has to essentially use Open Source tools and software to understand Computer Science.
Disect the code πŸ˜‰

Join mailing lists of your favorite open software to collaborate with the community.

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Best way to store numbers in mobile contacts

Its better to store the mobile numbers/phone numbers in the proper format.

That is the number along with country and area code prefixed appropriately.

If stored this way, there will be no problem, when one goes roaming.

For example, when within india, a contact with 04424XXXXXX is valid even while roaming.

As in India, “0” stands for dialing code for dialing an long distance call/calling a telephone number from a mobile network. But not valid while roaming Internationally.

So the best way to save it in contacts is +914424XXXXXX for a telephone in India

For a mobile it would be +9198845XXXXX


Country code can be intrepreted by moving right of symbol + in a phone/mobile number and matching it with the list given in the above link.

So the format to present visually describing a mobile number with country code in india would be


Similarly the format to present visually describe the contry and area code of a telephone number in India would be


The “-” in the above two example numbers is not valid for dialing, so for dialing the “-” are removed.

The “+” symbol is a placeholder for substituting the dialout code for the country from where the call is originating.

For India the international dialout code is 00 and for long distance call within India the dialout code is 0. But when dialing from mobile this is taken care of automatically by the mobile phone service provider. Thats the significance of “+” sign in mobiles πŸ™‚

For more info on dialing to/from India


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Port forwarding 80 to Tomcat port

For security reason Tomcat doesnt run on port 80.

The simple trick is to write an iptable rule to perform the port forwarding request arriving at port 80 to Tomcat port (say 8080).

Write the following content to the a shell script file say tomcat_firewall.sh

/sbin/iptables -A FORWARD -p tcp –destination-port 80 -j ACCEPT

/sbin/iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -j REDIRECT -p tcp –destination-port 80 –to-ports 8080

And add this script as root in /etc/rc.local as shown below, this ensures the setting is done whenever the server startsup.

su – root “/path-to-the-file/tomcat_firewall.sh

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