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Dictionary App

A simple application to fetch the dictionary results from the following websites

1. Google

2. AskOxford

3. Merriam-Webster

4. Wikipedia

The version 2.0 App can be downloaded from here

Tip: For frequent useage, please add it to your browser’s bookmarks.


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ImageRotator Javascript

ImageRotator JavaScript changes an image source of an image tag in a HTML page, from a fixed set of images in a particular time interval. The set of images are put under a folder called Images, the folder should be in the same folder containing the HTML file.

Don’t forget to read the licensing issues & trademark policies related to the images.

Download the project from here

Tip for Newbie:

Use FireBug Plugin to hack the web ! 🙂

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Java Reflection

I tried my hands on Java Reflection. The below link gave me introduction to Java reflection.


Another at http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/j-dyn0603/

Also please go through the documentation of :


A sample application can be downloaded by clicking here. People who dont know Struts framework, can use the sample project given in the first link to understand how dynamically create objects of class and invoke their methods.

Specification of the project

Development Tool – NetBeans 5.5.1

Framework Struts – 1.2.9

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