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Sharing folder between Linux host and Windows Guest in VirtualBox

Before you want to do this, please install guest additions in Virtualbox from the menu Devices-> Install Guest Additions.
Its a next next windows type wizard.
Once the installation is done.
Share the host Linux machine folder through Devices->Shared Folder.
Restart the Windows.{Shared Folder Name}.


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Wildcard string match in C

A project that implements the wildcard string matching that test a given string with a wildcard string. The wildcard string may contain wildcard characters * and ?. The result of the match will be either true or false.
For example
The result for the match of a given string Dinesh against the following wildcard strings will be true
1. Dinesh
2. Dines?
3. D*
4. Din???
5. Din*???
6. *Dinesh*

The source code can be checked out from here

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IRCTC Save Passenger List Exception

The Exception reveals

1. Broadvision is the vendor for the Servlet Platform.

2. The site is based on Struts framework

Click Here

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Open source in Engineering Curriculum

Take GNU/Linux as your case study and use FOSS in subjects that you will encounter

for example

1.System Software
2.Data Structures
4.Operating Systems
5.Computer Networks
6. Web Technology
7.Cryptography & Network Security
8.Embedded Systems

One can do his/her assignments, projects, research using Open Source Software!

When you can come to position of contributing to open source projects,
please do 🙂 I guess it takes final year for that, but it depends on the individual.

Like a biology student disects rabit to learn biological science, Computer Science student has to essentially use Open Source tools and software to understand Computer Science.
Disect the code 😉

Join mailing lists of your favorite open software to collaborate with the community.

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Mailsend is a multi platform command line tool to send mails.

It has two modes : commandline and interactive

I have used this mailsend binary to send mails as a background process by using a wrapper shell script to read the necessary inputs required by mailsend from XML files. This script would be called by cron periodically. The XML files have the email data contained in it.

You can download the Opensource software from the below link


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Software is Intangible

I was wondering, Why software occupation is uninteresting to few people ?

Fatigue is common to all types of occupation.

But the reason i believe why software profession is uninteresting is “Software is intangible”.

I feel that more research and innovation in software arena is possible, if people start enjoying the software development process and the draw an analogy of the concepts involved with the real life. After all, softwares are meant to automate the real world.

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iPoke !

iPoke application caught my attention immediately, when apps where introduced in orkut.

You have to add the application to your profile first.

Now you can poke your friends now.

You smash birthday cakes, throw flowers, bowl googly or smash tomatoes etc 🙂

If your friend has this app in his profile, int he top 3 order, then his profile will show the pokes he received from you and others.

You can also view the pokes that you sent through your history, from My History tab in iPoke tab.

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For my project, i used doxygen, doxygen is a source code documentation tool.

It was really wonderful.Without which its little difficult to follow the various datastructures, global variables, definition, enumeration, file list in a project.

It can generate output in LaTeX and HTML formats.

Verdict: Doxygen helps to understand code better !

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Analogy to other industry

I may be wrong, or not well informed.The below is just my feeling.

Our fridge was under repair.It was twenty years old.The service centre people came, changed the major component with a new similar one, this means the company has not changed the major component ever since our model.There could be pros and cons in this.Pluses are continuous support, well designed.Minus could be the component has not been enhanced during this period.A contradictory point to the minus could be,the interface of component remain same over period where as the implementation could have been made efficient.

With respect to other components, few had backward compatible or work around techniques as our fridge was old.

Finally my conclusion, is how far has this component orientation has been possible in Software industry.Please leave your comments.

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From my blog statistics i find that there is a good hit for bluespam.So i decided to write an article on bluespam.

I have not used the exact bluespam software, but i trimmed version of the program.I use the modified version to send a file to all the bluetooth devices that have been discovered.The bluetooth devices receive a prompt saying do you want to receive a file from my device.Once accepted the file is sent to the device.Some devices require authentication, so a pairing has to happen before sending the file.The passkey can be made fixed or dynamic.Suppose my device is running without the user, then i have to hard code the passkey into my hcid.conf file.Since its hard coded this particular key has to be publicly distributed.

Further documentation can be found here http://www.mulliner.org/palm/bluespam.php

Refernce Manual

Refernce Manual 2

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