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Google Gadget

I developed a simple google gadget that shows my recent tweet and my current twitter display picture 🙂
To add the gadget to your igoogle page please click here
The gadget can be found here


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Wildcard string match in C

A project that implements the wildcard string matching that test a given string with a wildcard string. The wildcard string may contain wildcard characters * and ?. The result of the match will be either true or false.
For example
The result for the match of a given string Dinesh against the following wildcard strings will be true
1. Dinesh
2. Dines?
3. D*
4. Din???
5. Din*???
6. *Dinesh*

The source code can be checked out from here

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Simple download manager using wget and shell script

I had to download a couple of large files from a web site. I built my own download manger which will download the file one after the other using simple wget tool and shell script. Thus the files were successfully downloaded over night without any human intervention !
The trick was simple,i had to just add the wget command with the url of the file to be downloaded one below the other in a shell script file.

for example
wget http://abc/a.jpg
wget http://def/d.jpg

scheduled downloads can be done by leveraging cron capabilities !

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ICICI Bank Payment Gateway Exception Details

Click the below link to view it.

ICICI Payment Gateway Exception

With the above details we can conclude or rather its obvious that Infosys’s Finacle uses

1. IBM WebSphere

2. Custom Servlet

The exception stack trace was exposed perhaps because of poor exception handling.

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ImageRotator Javascript

ImageRotator JavaScript changes an image source of an image tag in a HTML page, from a fixed set of images in a particular time interval. The set of images are put under a folder called Images, the folder should be in the same folder containing the HTML file.

Don’t forget to read the licensing issues & trademark policies related to the images.

Download the project from here

Tip for Newbie:

Use FireBug Plugin to hack the web ! 🙂

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Java Reflection

I tried my hands on Java Reflection. The below link gave me introduction to Java reflection.


Another at http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/j-dyn0603/

Also please go through the documentation of :


A sample application can be downloaded by clicking here. People who dont know Struts framework, can use the sample project given in the first link to understand how dynamically create objects of class and invoke their methods.

Specification of the project

Development Tool – NetBeans 5.5.1

Framework Struts – 1.2.9

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MOTODEV summit had exciting sessions about mobile application development for motorola mobiles phone. The keynote address, illustrated the current trend in mobile products industry and competitors like Symbian, Windows and Linux. I became familiar with the MOTODEV studio. The sessions which were interesting are WebUI and how to develop application using MOTODEV studio. The MOTODEV studio is an Eclipse based tool. It was clear that mobile applications developed, which use JSR API run on JSR supported mobiles independent of the OS. Java Verified process for geting trusted application certification was new piece of information to me. Using APIs which affects the personal information requires that the application has to be trusted, for the mobile OS to install the application.

A session on location based services illustrated how easy it was to write a Java code to extract the CellID, IMEI number etc. A few such mobile applications are available from their catalog. One can tap the potential of social networking, geographical information.

MOTODEV summit had some their mobile phones displayed in stalls. It was a great summit, fitting audiences from a newbie developer to entreprenuers.

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First OpenSocial Application

Today wrote my first opensocial application, though its from google’s tutorial.I was excited for having executed my first social application.Will fiddle around opensocial soon !

For more reference



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For my project, i used doxygen, doxygen is a source code documentation tool.

It was really wonderful.Without which its little difficult to follow the various datastructures, global variables, definition, enumeration, file list in a project.

It can generate output in LaTeX and HTML formats.

Verdict: Doxygen helps to understand code better !

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The web is better when it’s social

Many sites, one API

Server optional

The above 3 lines & the image is from the Source: http://code.google.com/apis/opensocial/

Must watch video


For Business terms http://www.businessweek.com/


No special skills required for opensocial development ! Just HTML + JavaScript

Want to get started ? Click here

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