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Google Gadget

I developed a simple google gadget that shows my recent tweet and my current twitter display picture 🙂
To add the gadget to your igoogle page please click here
The gadget can be found here


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Simple download manager using wget and shell script

I had to download a couple of large files from a web site. I built my own download manger which will download the file one after the other using simple wget tool and shell script. Thus the files were successfully downloaded over night without any human intervention !
The trick was simple,i had to just add the wget command with the url of the file to be downloaded one below the other in a shell script file.

for example
wget http://abc/a.jpg
wget http://def/d.jpg

scheduled downloads can be done by leveraging cron capabilities !

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I am one of the million happy IRCTC users 🙂
I have never gone to railway station booking counters for at least 2 and half years. Reason is IRCTC is so reliable and convenient.
The different modes to book tickets through IRCTC is
1. IRCTC website
2. IRCTC mobile application
3. ngPay service using a mobile application.

Features i like
1. Convenient for reservation, cancellation and refund (if any).
2. Master passenger list
3. Debit and Credit payment gateways for many banks.
4. Good UI and User Experience
5. Quick Ticket Booking
6. Fairly quick response 🙂
7. TDS ( to file refunds )

I enjoy train journey, IRCTC helps in booking such journeys 🙂

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Dictionary App

A simple application to fetch the dictionary results from the following websites

1. Google

2. AskOxford

3. Merriam-Webster

4. Wikipedia

The version 2.0 App can be downloaded from here

Tip: For frequent useage, please add it to your browser’s bookmarks.

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IRCTC Save Passenger List Exception

The Exception reveals

1. Broadvision is the vendor for the Servlet Platform.

2. The site is based on Struts framework

Click Here

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ICICI Bank Payment Gateway Exception Details

Click the below link to view it.

ICICI Payment Gateway Exception

With the above details we can conclude or rather its obvious that Infosys’s Finacle uses

1. IBM WebSphere

2. Custom Servlet

The exception stack trace was exposed perhaps because of poor exception handling.

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ImageRotator Javascript

ImageRotator JavaScript changes an image source of an image tag in a HTML page, from a fixed set of images in a particular time interval. The set of images are put under a folder called Images, the folder should be in the same folder containing the HTML file.

Don’t forget to read the licensing issues & trademark policies related to the images.

Download the project from here

Tip for Newbie:

Use FireBug Plugin to hack the web ! 🙂

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Securing Wireless Access Point

In order to be safe from malicious people who misuse the wireless networks, it is mandatory to secure the Wireless Access Point(WAP).

The following configurations has to be performed on the WAP

1. Change the default admin user’s password to a strong password and keep it secret.

2. Enable WPA key for connecting to the wireless network.

3. Enable MAC filter. MAC refers to a unique address of the wireless cards of desktops/laptops/other devices that can connect to the wireless network. Thus even if someone comes to know a WPA key. They will not be able to connect to the wireless network because their MAC address is not listed in the allowed MAC list configured in the wireless access point

4. Use OpenDNS IP address for DNS servers, if the WAP acts as a DHCP server for the wireless network.

5. WAP has firewall builtin. Set the firewall rules appropriately so that it allows only certain services running on the WAP/ within the wireless network to be exposed and thus only those ports are open.

6. Take a backup of the configuration you have done on the WAP. This will be helpful if you lose the settings of the WAP because of reseting or accidental modification. In such cases you can apply the backed up configuration.

If you are ignorant about configuring the WAP, please get it done by some one who can do it.
Stay safe and secure.

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Port forwarding 80 to Tomcat port

For security reason Tomcat doesnt run on port 80.

The simple trick is to write an iptable rule to perform the port forwarding request arriving at port 80 to Tomcat port (say 8080).

Write the following content to the a shell script file say tomcat_firewall.sh

/sbin/iptables -A FORWARD -p tcp –destination-port 80 -j ACCEPT

/sbin/iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -j REDIRECT -p tcp –destination-port 80 –to-ports 8080

And add this script as root in /etc/rc.local as shown below, this ensures the setting is done whenever the server startsup.

su – root “/path-to-the-file/tomcat_firewall.sh

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iPoke !

iPoke application caught my attention immediately, when apps where introduced in orkut.

You have to add the application to your profile first.

Now you can poke your friends now.

You smash birthday cakes, throw flowers, bowl googly or smash tomatoes etc 🙂

If your friend has this app in his profile, int he top 3 order, then his profile will show the pokes he received from you and others.

You can also view the pokes that you sent through your history, from My History tab in iPoke tab.

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