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I am one of the million happy IRCTC users 🙂
I have never gone to railway station booking counters for at least 2 and half years. Reason is IRCTC is so reliable and convenient.
The different modes to book tickets through IRCTC is
1. IRCTC website
2. IRCTC mobile application
3. ngPay service using a mobile application.

Features i like
1. Convenient for reservation, cancellation and refund (if any).
2. Master passenger list
3. Debit and Credit payment gateways for many banks.
4. Good UI and User Experience
5. Quick Ticket Booking
6. Fairly quick response 🙂
7. TDS ( to file refunds )

I enjoy train journey, IRCTC helps in booking such journeys 🙂


May 24, 2009 Posted by | Internet | 2 Comments