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Sony Ericsson K530i Review

This post talks only about few features and how i liked it, to know more please visit the official site.
I was a Nokia 6600 user. When i moved on to Sony Ericsson K530i, i found
few features interesting.

GPRS related features

1.RSS feed reader, i have subscribed to linux.com RSS feed.
It has some builtin feeds from Sony Ericsson and BBC News.

2. Browser,Bookmarks etc
Easy to maintain bookmarks and browser.
Easy google searching. I need to just hit the activity button.
Navigate to the Internet tab. Click on Internet Search and key in the search keywords.
Key in the keywords is easy like composing a text message, using writing options
like dictionary mode and adding symbols.

3.Video Call
The feature introduced in 3G mobile communication.
The front camera captures for the video call.

Organizer & Personal Information Management (PIM) related features

I use this feature extensively. Some instances are, to remind me to swtich off the
electric stove when milk boils 🙂
Once the timer rings, you can restart too

Interesting feature ! I use everyday, but configured only once.
I have set the morning alarm time for Mon-Fri for a time and no alarm for
weekends 😉
Another interesting thing about alarms is, you can casacade alarms.
That is, you can set alarms successively, upto 5 times.

3. Tasks
It resembles reminders.
New feature, which was a big surprise to me 🙂
One can create two types of tasks.
Task type of phone call, needs you to set the date&time and associate a phone number
from your contact. So the phone reminds one on the set date&time and prompts yes/no to make a call.
This way one can schedule calls perfectly !


1. Sony Ericsson WTA Tour
Multiplayer Game which is a fantastic !
Opponent can be the phone or a peer who is connecting through bluetooth,
the game has to be hosted by either of you and the other has to connect the host.

These are few features which won my heart !

Front camera is dedicated for voicecall alone and not capturing pictures or video.


1. Good battery usage and indication.
2. UI and the Spiral theme is awesome 🙂

3. Slim to carry

4. Reasonable cost for a 3G mobile in my opinion


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