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Best way to store numbers in mobile contacts

Its better to store the mobile numbers/phone numbers in the proper format.

That is the number along with country and area code prefixed appropriately.

If stored this way, there will be no problem, when one goes roaming.

For example, when within india, a contact with 04424XXXXXX is valid even while roaming.

As in India, “0” stands for dialing code for dialing an long distance call/calling a telephone number from a mobile network. But not valid while roaming Internationally.

So the best way to save it in contacts is +914424XXXXXX for a telephone in India

For a mobile it would be +9198845XXXXX


Country code can be intrepreted by moving right of symbol + in a phone/mobile number and matching it with the list given in the above link.

So the format to present visually describing a mobile number with country code in india would be


Similarly the format to present visually describe the contry and area code of a telephone number in India would be


The “-” in the above two example numbers is not valid for dialing, so for dialing the “-” are removed.

The “+” symbol is a placeholder for substituting the dialout code for the country from where the call is originating.

For India the international dialout code is 00 and for long distance call within India the dialout code is 0. But when dialing from mobile this is taken care of automatically by the mobile phone service provider. Thats the significance of “+” sign in mobiles 🙂

For more info on dialing to/from India



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