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Java Reflection

I tried my hands on Java Reflection. The below link gave me introduction to Java reflection.


Another at http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/j-dyn0603/

Also please go through the documentation of :


A sample application can be downloaded by clicking here. People who dont know Struts framework, can use the sample project given in the first link to understand how dynamically create objects of class and invoke their methods.

Specification of the project

Development Tool – NetBeans 5.5.1

Framework Struts – 1.2.9


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Mailsend is a multi platform command line tool to send mails.

It has two modes : commandline and interactive

I have used this mailsend binary to send mails as a background process by using a wrapper shell script to read the necessary inputs required by mailsend from XML files. This script would be called by cron periodically. The XML files have the email data contained in it.

You can download the Opensource software from the below link


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Software is Intangible

I was wondering, Why software occupation is uninteresting to few people ?

Fatigue is common to all types of occupation.

But the reason i believe why software profession is uninteresting is “Software is intangible”.

I feel that more research and innovation in software arena is possible, if people start enjoying the software development process and the draw an analogy of the concepts involved with the real life. After all, softwares are meant to automate the real world.

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