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MOTODEV summit had exciting sessions about mobile application development for motorola mobiles phone. The keynote address, illustrated the current trend in mobile products industry and competitors like Symbian, Windows and Linux. I became familiar with the MOTODEV studio. The sessions which were interesting are WebUI and how to develop application using MOTODEV studio. The MOTODEV studio is an Eclipse based tool. It was clear that mobile applications developed, which use JSR API run on JSR supported mobiles independent of the OS. Java Verified process for geting trusted application certification was new piece of information to me. Using APIs which affects the personal information requires that the application has to be trusted, for the mobile OS to install the application.

A session on location based services illustrated how easy it was to write a Java code to extract the CellID, IMEI number etc. A few such mobile applications are available from their catalog. One can tap the potential of social networking, geographical information.

MOTODEV summit had some their mobile phones displayed in stalls. It was a great summit, fitting audiences from a newbie developer to entreprenuers.


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Today i saw how GPS was in action. I used Nokia 6110 Navigator. It has in built map for bangalore. The GPS device takes sometime to get the coordinates from different satellites through line of sight. There is a Time to First Fix (TTFF) factor for each device. In the map software, I just did a search for my destination and the route was calculated. The pointer shows current position and moves according to our motion. Whenever i deviate from the suggested route the map software either warns me or recalculates the new route.

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