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iPoke !

iPoke application caught my attention immediately, when apps where introduced in orkut.

You have to add the application to your profile first.

Now you can poke your friends now.

You smash birthday cakes, throw flowers, bowl googly or smash tomatoes etc 🙂

If your friend has this app in his profile, int he top 3 order, then his profile will show the pokes he received from you and others.

You can also view the pokes that you sent through your history, from My History tab in iPoke tab.


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Orkut Application

Orkut’s new feature is adding application’s to your profile.

You can add from many of the available applications from orkut.

I have added iPoke, Books iRead applications.

iRead applications is from facebook community and runs on orkut because of opensocial API.

iRead helps in finding friends, who have read / reading books of one’s interest.

iPoke is a simple app for smashing birthday cakes etc on your friends 🙂

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Nokia Shortcut

After you have composed a message, press call button or green button.

The message will be sent if the to number is already filled or a prompt will appear to select a to number from your contacts.

Another shortcut, is to send mutimedia files via Bluetooth, IR or MMS just use the green button after opening the picture or video.

Hope You Like this shortcut ! Especially the teens who sent volumes of SMS lol

Please leave comments and other mobile users check the availability of this shortcut.

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