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From my blog statistics i find that there is a good hit for bluespam.So i decided to write an article on bluespam.

I have not used the exact bluespam software, but i trimmed version of the program.I use the modified version to send a file to all the bluetooth devices that have been discovered.The bluetooth devices receive a prompt saying do you want to receive a file from my device.Once accepted the file is sent to the device.Some devices require authentication, so a pairing has to happen before sending the file.The passkey can be made fixed or dynamic.Suppose my device is running without the user, then i have to hard code the passkey into my hcid.conf file.Since its hard coded this particular key has to be publicly distributed.

Further documentation can be found here http://www.mulliner.org/palm/bluespam.php

Refernce Manual

Refernce Manual 2


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