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Calci Cricket – Fun :)

This was a discovery i did using casio scientific calculator 🙂

This post is all about fun.Its an electronic form of the famous book cricket.


1.Cant be noticed by staffs, that you are playing lol

2.Slim & sleek calculator and saves you from boredom of lecture hours


1.Fix the decimal point to 0, so that the output of the random number is rounded to nearest integer.

2.Type 6Rand# and keep pressing ANS. ( 6 is the maximum runs, the rules similar to book cricket)


1.if number is 0, then one wicket down !

You can also write an equation to store the output to one of the registers and keep accumulating it

M+6Rand# -> M

using the STO function of casio.

Now the rules change

1.if the accumulated value is the same as previous, then one wicket is down.

The game was so popular during that sem in my class, that girls too played.


March 1, 2008 - Posted by | Fun |

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  1. Nice innovation dude ^_^

    Comment by Sano | March 25, 2008 | Reply

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