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Nokia Morph Concept

The concept is about using nanotechnology in mobile phones.

An awesome video demonstrating the Morph Concept can be found here


More details can be found here



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Open Lab

It was great to know the initiative of Anna University


There are a few college in chennai which is active in FOSS.I wish colleges realise the importance of FOSS in computer science education and research & development through FOSS.

I wish Velammal Engineering College emerges too in the prestigious list through its VECFOSS initiative.

FOSS is the right way for educating computer science. Computer science education lacks the analogy of dissecting the frog and learning biology, concept ! With a blackbox nothing can be learnt ! Thats true for software, user interface is useless to a computer student. He should be give code and ask to study modify and contribute to community.

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Yahoo Messenger vulnerability

I got a message from my friend on yahoo messenger containing the following ftp url of an exe file ftp://tlpoeil:yahoogoogle@ftp.members.lycos.co.uk/selfextract.exe

Please beware about downloading that exe file as it could be malicious.

Someone can disassemble it and find out whats in it

jun 17 2008:

As i am getting lot of hits for this topic, and i myself got such links from my yahoo network friends.

I guess the vulnerability in yahoo messenger has not been fixed.

This vulnerability of yahoo messenger could be exploited, so beware of exe spreading across yahoo messenger that is sent without the knowledge of the person from whom you got it. It could be malicious.

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PDF Format

Dinesh Uthayakumar

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First OpenSocial Application

Today wrote my first opensocial application, though its from google’s tutorial.I was excited for having executed my first social application.Will fiddle around opensocial soon !

For more reference



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Manipal Blogger’s Meet

Just saying “rocks” doesnt reflect the energy in the event Manipal Media Students’ Convention
Look at the speakers list ! No words to describe them as they are already popular in the blogosphere 🙂 Happy to note that its a joint venture between barcamp and MIC students 🙂

My wishes for the 18th April Event !

I can feel the creative juice flowing out of these future media geeks !

I wish the event promotes countless free/open source softwares in media arena. As some speakers are Intellectual property expert, this is my strong feeling.They will tell you whats in store 🙂

I have also made an entry for unconference topic ! i have mentioned it here http://mmscmanipal.pbwiki.com/Topics+for+Unconference

i have digged it too http://digg.com/news/linux_unix/manipal_blogger’s_meet

My friend Elvin at MIC can help you 🙂

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OpenScatternet artwork

I have designed an artwork using the online graphics generator at http://cooltext.com


For more details about openscatternet http://code.google.com/p/openscatternet/

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For my project, i used doxygen, doxygen is a source code documentation tool.

It was really wonderful.Without which its little difficult to follow the various datastructures, global variables, definition, enumeration, file list in a project.

It can generate output in LaTeX and HTML formats.

Verdict: Doxygen helps to understand code better !

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Ubuntu CD as Birthday Gift

I feel this a cool idea. 🙂

I also feel that, the CDs could be ordered from the site by offering some donation.

Otherwise download the Ubuntu CD image and make copies 🙂

For kids in the age range 3-10, a package called gcompris is for them.Gcompris is available with edubuntu distribution itself.

For school kids edubuntu is best.

For college guys, let them configure their ubuntu ! 😀

Leave your comments !

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The web is better when it’s social

Many sites, one API

Server optional

The above 3 lines & the image is from the Source: http://code.google.com/apis/opensocial/

Must watch video


For Business terms http://www.businessweek.com/


No special skills required for opensocial development ! Just HTML + JavaScript

Want to get started ? Click here

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