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Abusive Attitude !

People criticised me about not having manner on the list.

For my previous blog post i received lots of comments, with abusive content!

Some hiding their identiy. Why ? I guess its because there is no mailing list ettiquette here !Dont expect a rule to be put up every where.

I think i am way better than them. I have not mentioned any name, on my mails neither used any abusive content.

Regarding an off topic, i dont know why people fumed and replied to it .I was provoked similarly !

Got it world?

When some one post irrelevant things, he is spared, because he is a senior member.Treat people with dignity whomsoever it may concern on public forums atleast.

I am out of ILUGC.Let me prove, i beleive in contributing rather than asking others to learn.


February 20, 2008 - Posted by | Internet

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