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Problem with LUG & Solution

1.Flaming Unnecessarily – People flame unnecessarily, because they have time to flame crap but don’t have time to reply to the topic.

2.Knowledge Clash – Egoism among members, because one feels he is more knowledgeable.

3.Domination by senior members – Humbleness from few seniors “sometimes” cannot be expected.

All of the above defeat the purpose of a LUG.


Even i have done mistakes and given insufficient data to solve a problem.But later on i should be flexible to Newbies, which most people on LUG fail.Lets not forget all were once Newbies.Writing HOWTOs would solve the purpose.But this again requires some effort & time to be spent.

People sometimes put on some head weight, because they feel they have done a lot to FOSS community.And start sending eccentric mails, and want others to adjust to his mails because he is a hacker.

Senior member’s intervention when there is any sort of clash.Especially a so called hacker hurts the others.

Please ignore mails, if people cant reply to the topic or dont have time to solve it.And if possible write a mailing list rule saying that If your mail has not been replied then it is due to the following factors: data insufficiency/ irrelevance to topic / time / controversial content.

This way LUG will be better !

According to me, there are people who cannot even use windows properly (because thats the currently most popular at least on home desktop).Such people when they want to migrate then 99% they are doing on their own.They would not know what to do with partition or the boot error messages !Obviously they will have problem installing Linux !

Especially newbies ! Dont depend too much on LUG.Please google & wikipedia for your doubts .Some kind hearted people have written HOWTOs already.Utilize them.Improve them to make it more easy to your peers 🙂

When some tries to act over smart please stand up and blast him ! Because its Free Software & Free Society 🙂

Lets support FOSS in the spirit of FOSS !


February 18, 2008 - Posted by | FOSS


  1. Hi
    i know all this discussions would have definitely hurt you…but you got to be thick skinned and learn to cope with it…thats how the many “mailing lists” in india works. Its a combination of factors…cultural, belief etc.,
    so solution is two rules.
    rule 1: dont take it peronally. it will hurt you and if you reply back and show your emotions, it will show you in poor spirits. u can win an argument, but you will not get benefits out of it.
    rule 2: dont forget rule 1

    cheer up…it happens to lots of ppl..has happened to me as well…i was called an IDIOT on IRC….i dont give a fucking damn to all those opinions…u dont either

    we dont want to lose a nice volunteer and a free software enthusiat

    Comment by Mohamed Imran | February 20, 2008 | Reply

  2. Some of the replies on the list has factual errors and finally you end up getting 50% yes and another 50% no to the same question. is there anything more that needs to be said.?join some place, other international mailing lists for your level of expertise where you can get consistent answers and can have a constructive argument based on logic.

    good luck with your foss activities.

    Comment by Sarad | February 20, 2008 | Reply

  3. Nice!

    Comment by Zico | February 21, 2008 | Reply

  4. Experience is the best teacher ….

    Comment by althafbacker | February 21, 2008 | Reply

  5. Man this is soooo true…… you said it… the king is naked.

    Comment by Kenney | February 24, 2008 | Reply

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