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FOSS for beginners made easy

Hello Newbies !

FOSS stands for Free/Open Source Software

Free does not mean free as in free lunch, it means free as in freedom of speech.But mostly FOSS softwares are free of cost too.Why use FOSS? A fantastic question to ask.The answer is, rather than writing a huge paragraph i would like to give a pointer to a set of slides with “only pictures”.http://sirsasana.org/slides/

In order for engineering students to learn software engineering they cannot use a proprietary software like windows or any other software whose source code is not open.Through proprietary software one can only learn about the cost and the interfaces, not software.Linux alone is not an example of open source,even applications like Mozilla Firefox is an instance.The source code of firefox can be found at here

Linux was initially a simple kernel, but it was continuously improved and enhanced to reach the current stage.With so many packages for linux.It was possible by people like you and me.This is an example of how powerful is contribution.Contribution can be

  1. Development – i.e. writting code for kernel/device driver/application
  2. Testing Bug/Reporting Bugs/Fixing Bugs
  3. Localization i.e. Help translating the FOSS software to local languages
  4. User
  5. Donation – FOSS softwares run on donations, but they not compulsory.But if you are satisfied its ethical to pay for the software.
  6. Advocacy – Spreading the word to your friends
  7. Documentation – wiritng HOWTO & documenting the free software can help people to learn them better.

The advantage of free software being free is that the community can improve the software for ever, and ultimately the community is benefited.One can learn a lot of intellectual property issues likes copyright, trademark & patents in FOSS.The famous license in FOSS is GNU GPL, which focuses on copyleft.Other licenses can be found here.


Why is Microsoft so rich ?

recommended to know restrictions of proprietary software http://www.debian.org/intro/free


If you had spent some time through this entire post & the links mentioned, then you know what is FOSS !

See my credits page too πŸ™‚


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My project – openscatternet

FOSS really helps my project.When i use open source software, i am able to study, analyse and modify it to suit my purpose.I was clueless how to go about with my project until i met Kenny Jacob at FOSS.IN.He introduced me to a open software called bluespam & btopush open library.Reference manual of can be found here.They helped me to understand how to PUSH files into discoverable bluetooth devices using Object Push profile of bluetooth.I learned how the software was built.I wanted the functionality of pushing files into discoverable devices, so i modified the software to my own purpose.The btopush library depends on openobex, which in turn depends in bluetooth library.

Scatternet is a concept in bluetooth.I am implementing an IEEE paper “SHAPER:A Self Healing Algorithm Producing multi-hop Bluetooth scattERnets”.

My SVN can be found at


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Converting Audio Cassettes to CD is easy

My father and me used to do this conversion work, since 2 years.We converted many cassettes into few CD.Recently, i was surprised to know that this was an article in LFY !All you need for doing this is just a cassetter player, it could be a walkman too, then a chord to connect your pc’s audio in and the player’s audio out & audacity

Configure audacity so that it listens & records the audio in or line in port of the pc.Now start playing the cassette.Once recorded you can export the captured signal to any audio format.

we can save audio content in cassettes from corruption !

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First Monthy Meet !!!!

VECFOSS’s first monthly meet is set to kick off on 1 March 2008, 3 PM,
Marina Beach near Gandhi Statue.
I dont have to tell this to Velammalians, anyways “DONT BE LATE !”.
My clock is synchronised with the IST πŸ™‚
Meeting will kick off exactly at 3 pm on the day.

Topics to be Discussed
1.Ubuntu Installation (Demo)
2.Interactions on GNU/LINUX

All the talks / Discussions will be entry level so you need not get
worried that you might get bogged down by technical intricacies.


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Blog guys Blog !

Today i talked about blogging to my classmate.

Some of my classmates are into blogging now πŸ™‚

Kudos to people who started blogging because of me lol

Blogging is your birth right !

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Today Ashok, a friend who caught me online through this blog of mine, experimented with a encrypted mail conversation.

I have been signing mails.But honestly the first time i tried encryption today.I abandoned evolution, so i had to depend on FireGPG plugin for my IceWeasel to do the encryption for me.

Backed up my keys and the revocation certificates.

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BarCamp Chennai 2nd Edition

Interested pls. join http://groups.google.com/group/barcampchennai2


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Net Meter

Today kaushik and me planned to write a shell script to accumulate the Net usage πŸ™‚

People can help us

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Pushing vCards to Linux Box from mobile

OBEX protocol intro http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OBEX

I run a daemon on my box called “obexpushd”.

Now we have some one to listen for bluetooth/other connection on the linux box.To pull the vcards from mobile to my box ijust go to my contacts and mark all and send it through either IR/Bluetooth.

It works on Nokia 6600. http://sourceforge.net/projects/obexpushd

“sdptool” is another CLI tool using which you can know about different services your mobile is capable of.

obexftp is another cool option to hack around. πŸ™‚



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Device Driver !

Hello World !

Any one can join me in writing a device driver !

But it will kick off slowly, as i got my deadline for final year project soon !During which you could prepare by reading some literature & plan which simple device we could take up first.

Lets learn in the process πŸ™‚

Even otherwise i could help beginners with the following to my best possible extent.

Linux, C \ C++ \Java


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