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Gmail Labels

Today i went through the information architecture of gmail to know more about labels etc.All these days i was only little aware that u can filter mails more effectively using Gmail’s label and filter options.Folder vs Label comparison immediately made me sit and configure ILUGC,Ubuntu,bluez-devel mailing list to my Gmail 🙂

we just have to create a new filter, as a first step specify a filtering criteria in the next step u can decide what to do with the filtered mail.
I apply a label and archive it by skipping the inbox so that my inbox is not cluttered with mails.


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Bluez Community

I have started an Orkut community on bluez stack of linux.
Everyone who use bluetooth on linux is welcome.
We need sharing of knowledge, contribution, fix bugs etc on bluez.
If u r interested the link is:

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Bluetooth Attack

I have been attacked by Bluetooth lol 🙂
My final year project is around the bluetooth technology.

Since few days i have been doing simple bluetooth experiments at home.
They are Personal Area Networking for Internet Connection Sharing,then Dialup Networking, setting up Audio Gateway etc.I used the Nokia Headset to chat in yahoo !

Latest being OBEX push.

Today i had executed a btopush program which pushes a file into
discoverable devices.It uses btopush open source library which uses
openobex library on bluez stack of linux

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At the outset thanks to Harini ! Because she was the one who put this event
into my mind 🙂

I had been to the FOSS event Foss.in @ Bangalore.
Had a great time listening to experts in the FOSS arena.

I was tremendously inspired to use Free and Open Source Softwares.
I started using linux on my notebook.

I recommend others too to use Linux and hack around and feel the real power.

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